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Sunday, July 20, 2008

T-Bone the Terrorist

About 30 years ago I had a dog that had a litter of 12 puppies. It was then I swore I was never going to have another puppy. Since my oldest daughter was born (think bicentenniel) since she wouldn't want me to mention her age, I have had dobermans. I have had a couple of german shepards throughout the years, but I have always considered myself a doberman person. Jake was my last one. Jake was a humane society reject. I truly believe in the history of the local humane societies around here, he was the 1st dog they didn't charge to adopt. Could have something to do with the fact that he had a massive case of heartworms. Or the one thing they failed to tell us when we adopted him was that he evidently had been abused by a man, so whenever a man got down in his face he had a tendency to try to rip that face off.

After 6 years of lots of love, good training and very expensive veterinary care he became one of my favorite dogs. Did I mention that he weighed in at 126 lbs. I had to have him put to sleep because of an advanced case of bone cancer which devastated me for months.

As I stated before, I said I would never have another puppy. Well, NEVER, say NEVER. My husband who is a semi-invalid, has an Australian Shepard. Generally I have to walk the dog, but we finally moved and now we have a ramp where he can take his electric wheelchair outside. We took his dog, Cinders, out for a walk a few weeks ago. It was a gorgeous soft southern evening. One of those evenings when everyone wants to be outside. That included a neighbor lady, her 5 year old daughter and 3 puppies. Guess what?

He may be cute but he is really a Terrorist in disguise!

The only time he isn't causing trouble is when he is sleeping! It must be the Jack Russell Terrier in him. They told me the mother was a Jack Russell and they think the father was a fast talking working Peke A Poo that lived next door.

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