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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This is a little off topic but I need to mention it. If you ever have a weekend off and want to take that special someone (wife, hubby, boyfriend, girfriend or just plain friend) somewhere nice, think about Newburgh, Indiana. It is a Mainstreet USA town, loaded with great antique shops, specialty shops, and restaurants. Take a self-guided walking tour through Downtown Newburgh’s historic district, stroll along the Ohio River on the Rivertown Trail, or relax with a glass of wine in one of our charming restaurants on the banks of the Ohio.

If you are a history buff you should drop by Angel Mounds and try to solve the mystery of where and why an entire tribe completely dissappeared.

Five to seven hundred years ago, the area we now call Angel Mounds State Historic Site was a thriving Mississippian Indian town. Built between A.D. 1100 and 1300, the town was occupied by one thousand to three thousand inhabitants until its abandonment around 1450. Throughout that time, it was the largest settlement in Indiana. It served as the center of trade, government and religion for smaller satellite communities within a 70-mile radius. After more than 200 years of constant occupation, the town at Angel Mounds was abandoned, and by 1450, the site was completely empty.

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