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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Winter Use for Great Summer Best Seller!

When I created Bite Be Gone it worked so well for mosquito and minor insect bites and skin irritations, after testing on friends and family (and myself) with such great success I was so satisfied I did not pursue any more potential uses. That is until this past week.

This past week we had a family emergency that took us out of town rather quickly. I was in a hurry packing and did not pack my usual traveling pharmacy/cosmetic aisle. I found myself away from home with skin so dry and itchy that I found that I was breaking the skin on my legs by scratching so much and still not getting relief from the itch. Here I was 200 miles from home with no Dead Sea Salt Bars (which I use every night once the furnace starts running) nor any lotion to moisturize or even just slow down the itch. Then I remembered that I still had my emergency supply of Bug Off and Bite Be Gone in the glove compartment of my car left over from this summer.

It occurred to me that the Bite Be Gone might be helpful since it has all the EO’s for fighting inflammation and skin irritation. One heavy application is all it took to stop my skin from itching, take the soreness from the areas where I had broken the skin from scratching so hard and ease the dryness of my skin until I got home 4 days later.

Just thought I would let you know a great new use for a great old product! I do intend to work on finding larger packaging and doing some further testing, but I hope to have a new balm/stick out specifically made for relief of dry irritated skin. Hopefully it will be in the near future.

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