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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Pairs and Trio Listings and General Musings

I have to apologize for being so remiss in  writing regularly. I guess it may have to do with this Winter weather. Now I love a good snow because there is nothing more beautiful than a bright winters' sun reflecting off of snow drift. I also love to watch the birds greedily feeding on the black sunflower seeds that they have knocked off of the feeder onto the packed snow underneath. As you can see from the photo above I have a fairly nice view from my office window. I share it with T-Bone now. He has a chair that sits in front of the window where he lays his head on the window sill to watch for the deer that often come out of the woods to feed.

But that is not what we have had for the last few weeks. We had 2 short days of wonderful snow and the rest have been gloomy, dreary rainy days. Not a glorious storm that shows us the great power of Mother Nature. Not the rainy days of Spring that precede the early blooms of crocus and early spring flowers, just dreary and cold enough to remind us that we have a long time before we can expect those blooms and buds.

O.K. now back to business! I have started some new listings in the Etsy shop. I am listing pairs of products that go together and giving a discount for purchasing both items together.

The first pair (which I have already listed) is the Hair Pair. You have your choice of Herbal Vinegar Rinses and your choice of Shampoo Bars. Normally by themselves they cost $8.95 for Vinegar Rinse and $7.95 for the Shampoo Bar. I am knocking off a $1 off the price of the pair together.
You can find this listing at

Later today I will be listing at least one other pair and one trio. This will be for our Bug Off and Bite Be Gone and the Trio will add our Jewelweed Balm to that Duo. Check it out. Remember that Spring and Summer will come and bring mosquitos and chiggers with them.

You can find these listed on Etsy at

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