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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Family

I had written a comment on someone elses blog when it  just occured to me that I had not posted any pictures of my family on the blog. So I am going to put some up here. I don't have many of my children (digitally that is). I have many of them as regular photographs. I guess that might tell you they are not "youngsters". Sorry, Cheri. I have many of the some of the grandkids though.The ones that live within a thousand miles of home. Of course, what self-respecting grandparent wouldn't? I have a couple of grandkids that haven't got their pictures up here yet. I can't find the files, but I will put them up here when I do.

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rickismom said...

BJ, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I can imagine that bubbly personality. I also suspect that a group home is the best option for an adult with disability, and I am equally sure that it is wrenching for the parents. Rabbi Dessler says: "The one who GIVES, loves." The more you give to a person , especially in terms of your time, which is actually your life, the more you love them. No surprise that seeing her move out was difficult.