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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Don't Really Want To!

Sometimes I just like to look through Etsy to see what other Etsians are making. I love handcrafted items no matter what they are. Crafters, no matter what the medium put their essense or spirit into their craft whether it be a piece of jewelry, art, photograph or even a soap dish.

Now to inject myself into this post. Unfortunately this Fall I have had to cancel all of my out of town craft shows which are normally the cake and icing as opposed to our bread and butter existance on our disability income. I drive a huge un-green SUV and the back brakes have gone out completely, costing almost $350.00 total to repair. Why do I tell you this? Basically to let you know why 1. No out of town shows 2. No unnecessary purchases.  But that doesn't mean I can't trade. Hence back to the subject of this post.

While I was looking through Etsy I happened upon an Etsy shop of a woodworker and stopped to admire  the most beautiful and unusual wooden box  that she had made. This box is Pinon with inlaid Turquoise. Her shop address is

I emailed her and we ended up trading my soaps for some of the most beautiful soap dishes I have ever seen. Now I told you  that she was a woodworker but I didn't tell you that she also works with stone and marble. Here are some examples of the fantastic soap dishes I received from her.

These are just a tiny teaser of the types she makes. She also does custom orders. I took a peek at her sold orders and they are fabulous. she made a 3 story (I believe it was) marble soap dish for someone. She loves to work with mesquite. I have to admit I am envious of her skill with power tools. Check out her shop, she has other decorative items also. Now, I have to make myself put these on Etsy to sell with my soap. It is going to be difficult letting them go, especially the flagstone. Then again, the Rain Forrest Brown Marble goes so well in the upstairs bath---


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

wow, that ladies work is great. your soap ought to look really nice on the soap dishes, I would definitely keep them. I love the idea of trading.

good luck and keep blogging! please visit my blog, too...

MooreMagnets said...

Thanks for the intro! I really like the idea of stone soap dishes!