Number 4-Heading

Monday, October 13, 2008

I now have a new personal favorite bar of soap! I have been sniffing this fragrance from Scent Works almost every day since it was delivered and drooling over the bars of soap on the rack since I made them. It is finally ready and I took it off of the rack this evening and almost ran to the tub. Did I mention that I twisted my husband's arm and had him make me 2 candles from this fragrance? I have been saving the 2nd candle for this occasion. I made this fragrance into an Herbal Bath Oil also.Since the children are now grown I don't have to lock the door when I bathe, but I was tempted to lock it tonight. Between the water scented with the Satsuma Guava, the bar of soap and the wonderful fragrance of the candle it was like a mini vacation in the tropics. This is a luxury that you can afford. Take it from me, you will love this fragrance and your skin will love you.

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