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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

About a year or so ago I introduced T-Bone to you, so I thought it was time to catch you up. The picture on top is T-Bone now. The second picture is T-Bone when I first introduced him. He has grown into about a 11 lb. dog.
He may be an 11 pound dog but he has the ego of a hundred ten pound great dane.
He doesn't seem to understand the concept of "bigger than me". First, I have to explain that T-Bone is an escape artist. No fence or gate has been built that he can not dig under. If he is outside to "potty" more than 4-5 minutes, I guarantee that he has tunneled his way to freedom. His last Great Escape he dug his way under our fence into the neighbors yard (also surrounded with privacy fence) and then dug under their fence and out into the world of unrestricted freedom. By the time I found him he had run down the street, almost 2 blocks away. I found him cornered between a neighbor's front porch and house by a very angry Doberman. Fortunately, the Doberman decided only to verbally (dog speak) attack and very nicely allowed me to slip in and remove him.

As a long time, former Doberman owner (34 years) and trainer I don't have a lot of fear. I guess part of that is from working at a veterinary clinic for most of my working life. Not to mention both my father and brother were Veterinarians.

What surprises me is not the gentleness of the Doberman, but the fact that my normally cold hating dog that normally shares a heating pad with the cat at night and prefers that they then be covered with a comforter, will dig out of 1 and 1/2 feet of snow to go escape and challenge the biggest dog in the neighborhood.

Yes, there is a heating pad under both of these guys. Unfortunately, is covering the major portion of it. Think they make oversized heating pads. My 18 year old cat would appreciate a larger one.

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