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Sunday, January 20, 2013

When is Soap Not Soap? When it is Jewelry

By the end of the market season last year between waking up at 4 a.m., the horrible heat, working 3 Farmer's Markets  by myself-loading, unloading, setting up the market tent and tables, hauling out tubs of soaps & other goodies and practically weekly trips to the specialists to get injections in the spine I was not physically or emotionally able to go to any of the Fall or Christmas Craft Shows that I normally attend.
I am not sure which was worst, losing the income from the shows or the absolute boredom from sitting at home with nothing to do. When I started physically improving for lack of anything better to do,( and I truly mean ANYTHING better), I started cleaning closets and ended up with a huge load to take to Goodwill-which I did. Of course after giving them a bunch of stuff I had to go inside and purchase more. The 1st thing I saw were copies of Wirework and Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, 2 magazines I had never seen before. So for $.50 I bought them both and immediately went home to read.
The first thing I learned was that I wanted to make jewelry again. I had had some minor experiences in working with jewelry in the early 1970's.  The 2nd thing I learned was after looking at the actual price of the magazines, the only way I would be getting anymore would be from Goodwill.
I also found that any kind of tool or material that I used in 1970 was now 25 times the price it was then. What is this world coming to? Who is making all this profit? Think about it.
1st Pair of earrings-Made from Recycled copper & Aluminum Wire
There are shortcuts to be taken and tools to be substituted, materials to be recycled. 
Made from Copper Washers & Recycled Wire

2nd Pair of earrings from recycle Wire
I have found many shortcuts to making jewelry. Not by choice necessarily but by necessity. I hate playing poor me but I am sure that there are many of my customers and readers that are in almost as bad finances as we are.
As time goes on I hope to write about those money saving tips and short cuts as well as show you what is going into the Artfire shop.

Abercrombie belt turned into a cuff with a Magnesite stone

Next week I hope to finish some mixed media cuffs that I have been working on. I have never really loved sewing but I am finding these fun to make. What is really becoming the most fun is finding the bits and pieces to put all these pieces together.

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