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Friday, May 20, 2011

New Farmer's Market Season

Playing with new setup
Finally, I feel like Spring has truly arrived and the Farmer's Market has had its opening day. I have to be honest and admit that by the end of the market season I am ready to be packing boxes away, to store all the tables and to carry the tent out to the shed for another winter but after about a month of rest I am ready to start all over. By the time it is actually time to dust off the tables, clean the tent and take stock of the inventory I am raring to go.

Yes, a large chunk of my eagerness to return to market is the financial incentive. Not having a brick and mortar shop makes it difficult for many of my customers to replinish their soap stock until market time or unless they catch me a one of our local shows but the real reason is the camaraderie that I miss when e

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