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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am in LOVE!

I was thumbing through Etsy again yesterday and I think I have fallen in love, that is if one can fall in love with inanimate objects. I have always admired the work of many potters. In fact, I have always had a secret desire to play with clay or mud but never had the funds nor room to own a kiln or the space to put one. I did take a class about a hundred years ago in my freshman year of college. All that did was whet my appetite for more but the opportunity never presented itself. Now all I can do is admire the work of others and I definately admire the work of Tara of AugustMoonArt. You can find her shop here:

Her work is beautiful and unusual. I have been trying to pick my favorite piece to lead this this off this article but that is impossible. I will just take them in line as I find them.

Blue Sponge/Soap Holder
You can use this beauty in your bath or your kitchen to hold either your bath sponge or kitchen sponge plus a bar of soap. This sponge "cosy" is wheelthrown, then altered with slots on the side to hold the sponge. She also adds drainage holes on the bottom but she isn't satisfied with plain old circular drainage holes she adds lovely teardrops.

     Agate Butterfly Pump Soap/Lotion Dispenser
Of all of her Soap/Lotion Dispensers I love this the most. Probably because I am a butterfly nut. Of all of God's creatures on earth I think the butterfly from egg to caterpillar to butterfly are each miracles. As Tara's description reads, "This wheelthrown bottle is glazed in a wonderful Agate green glaze, and adorned with a leathery looking ring of butterflys. A natural bark top cork adds an organic element that holds this dispenser a head above the rest. "

White Crackle Teapot
Now I have to admit that I am an addict, teapot addict that is. I am only moderately addicted though, since I only own 6 of them. I inherited two of them and back during the time when I used to have money (pre-disability) I bought the other four. And before you ask, yes I do drink tea although my primary drink is coffee. This teapot is a beauty. I love the crackle finish on it. Here is Tara's description.
"This teapot is wheelthrown with Speckled Brownstone clay, and glazed white, with a white crackled accent glaze, and a deep dark chocolate brown interior. The handle is hand-pulled and has a comfortable feel. Enjoy your tea!

Approximate dimensions 10" wide x 5 1/2" tall.

Holds 5 cups or 40 oz.

Microwave, dishwasher, & food safe.
Pierced Agate Jar
The stoneware jar in the above pictures has a hundred potential uses besides just sitting and being beautiful. I grow elephant garlic and this would be a perfect vessel for it!
Wheeltrown and pierced with teardrop and round piercings, and glazed in a wonderful Agate with a dark rich Temmoku inside. This stoneware jar is no lighweight; it is quite substantial and weighty.

Useful in many ways.... I love it with a candle lit in it in the evening, wish I could capture a pic of that but I'm not so camera savy and can't turn off the flash! It can also be used in the kitchen as a garlic keeper, in the living room as decoration, to keep knick knacks in, or in the bathroom for cotton balls etc...
Approximate dimensions are 7" x 7".
Food safe.

Remember her shop is here:  She has many more beautiful and different pieces. Check them out!

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