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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dead Sea Salt Bars

The Dead Sea lies about 400 meters (1280 feet) below sea level at the bottom of the African Rift Valley. The waters of the Dead Sea are unique with a total salt concentration 10 times that of the oceans. That is not what makes the Dead Sea so extraordinary. It contains a combination of 26 minerals and trace elements. Over 2000 years ago Roman historian Flavius praised its healing qualities. Galenus said the water was good for arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, relaxation and relieving tension. King Solomon, in the Biblical book of Samuel gave the Queen of Sheba with Dead Sea salts upon her visit to the Holy Land.For every ounce of oils and butters in these bars there is an ounce of Dead Sea Salt.

This bar unclogs pores and eliminates the toxins from the skin. In addition to this, Dead Sea Salt has one an amazing quality in particular. It does not matter whether you have dry skin or oily skin. The Dead Sea Salts restore the natural balance of your skin to its correct ph whether it is dry or oily. Your skin will be hydrated and super soft.These bars will calm your soul and treat you to a fantastic bathing experience. These bars are cold-processed and made from the finest oils and butters. You can kiss your alligator winter skin goodbye.

If you are having more severe skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema we recommend that you choose our larger size Unscented Dead Sea Salt Soap Bar

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Anonymous said...

WOW... you make SOAP... how wonderful, these Dead Sea Salt Bars look wonderful!